I'm  proud to be working with Find Me who have launched a fabulous new product that no parent should be without.

Julie and her partner needed a solution.  Their eldest was a bad sleeper as a baby and after trying lots of different techniques, ideas and advice - nothing worked.   After a year of countless sleepless nights and heavy eyes they created their own solution.  Their son's dummy would fall out during sleep and then he would wake up and get upset when he couldn't find it again.   As any parent knows, struggling to find a dummy in the dark is not a game you want to play at 2am.   So they decided to sew a ribbon onto his comforter and attach his dummy.  Soon he was able to find the dummy himself, settle and return to a peaceful sleep. Happy Baby, Happy Parents.
Launched in Jan 2018, Find.Me is designed with both babies and parents in mind, to help everyone get a better more settled nights sleep.



Your first step towards a good nights sleep

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No one can function properly on little or no sleep.  My role as a sleep consultant is to provide parents with the knowledge, confidence and techniques in order to teach their child to sleep independently.

Are you having to rock, cuddle or stay with your child until they're asleep at naptime or bedtime ?

There is a solution to all of the above, it only takes a moment to pick up the phone, call me anytime for a free chat, I have experienced what you are going through and I can help.   I use only gentle sleep training programmes that won't involve you leaving your child to cry.     

Gentle sleep training for babies and children

Are you exhausted from the numerous visits to your child throughout the night ?

Do you crave an evening to yourself and uninterrupted sleep that you need and deserve ?